Full sentence and quotes

  • The first decision you need to be clear about is what to translate and what not to translate. For instance, if you are constantly quoting passages from an Arabic primary text, you need to discuss with your supervisor whether it is necessary to translate them all. In most North-American universities, students are required to translate each and every Arabic quote they include. This is not the case at SOAS.
  • In my case, I did refer to many passages but only translated those that I was due to analyze in depth. For the rest of the passages, as agreed with my supervisor, I assumed that my examiners would be proficient in Arabic. The time consuming process of translation could be then left for the glorious day when I would prepare my thesis for publication.

I always included the original in Arabic script (11pt-indented from both sides) and then included the translation below it (11 pt-italicized-indented from both sides). For qaṣīdahs, I have presented the translation table format in detail above

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