The supervisor is there to help. He or she is the only person apart from yourself who is deeply involved in your research. It is important that you are comfortable with your supervisor (something that you should have considered carefully before enrolling) and also that you understand what your duties are and what their responsibility is.

Personally, I am thankful that I had the best supervisor. Unfortunately, I have also heard many horror stories from friends.

You should expect from your supervisor regular meetings to discuss and assess your work and progress and also feedback on written material submitted. If it is the case that you are left out to dry in either of these things and cannot work out a solution with the supervisor, you should, sooner rather than later, approach the dean of research.

It is also equally important that research students understand their responsibility towards the supervisor and work to take maximum advantage of their experience and advice. Needless to say, the supervisor is not there to spoon-feed, proof read, or organize things for you. Each faculty member has a number of research students under their wing. The more conscientious you are of your duties and responsibilities, the more you will benefit from your supervisor.

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