Proof Reading

  • A word of warning: don’t expect your supervisor to proof read for you. That is not their job.
  • When proof reading, it is good not to go through one chapter over and over again. It is good to proof read, read other chapters, and then come back to the first chapter after a period of defamiliarization. Otherwise you are so familiar with what you are reading that it is easy to overlook typos etc. You simply don’t notice them.
  • Find someone else to proof read. For me a very good friend (thank you PP) very kindly agreed to proof read the whole thesis. It is good to have an eye other than yours look at your writing. Whether you like it or not, you are sympathetic and partial towards your writing; you need someone who isn’t. That is not his job. If you find a friend to proof read, give them as clean a draft as possible after proof reading yourself.

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