Final Checklist

  • Make a schedule- chalk out the things you need to do and make a timeline for completing the revision process.
  • Discuss who you want to have as examiners with your supervisor. It is not your choice ultimately but most supervisors are happy to discuss this with students. You will have one internal (in the University of London system) and one external examiner.
  • Feedback-try to find an academic who is not as familiar with your work as your supervisor to read one or two core chapters. Make sure you will not need them as examiners. There feedback may give you an idea of issues examiners might raise. (If you do this earlier on, it might also give you time to actually implement substantial remarks).
  • Don’t leave things like bibliography for the last minute. It is time consuming and examiners are totally unimpressed with a sloppy bibliography in a PhD dissertation.
  • Prepare for your VIVA by reading through your thesis and possibly skimming through primary sources. While some examiners are soft-spoken others are quite aggressive. You need to know your work well and defend it. Even if you are provoked, keep your cool and address the issue that is being raised. Try not to let it become personal between you and the examiner. The VIVA experience varies immensely depending on your work of course but also on the personality and mood of your examiner…good luck!

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