• There is no update necessary for PC’s in SOAS. All the PC’s have ‘right to left language support’, necessary for using Arabic, pre-installed on them.
  • The Version of MS-Word at SOAS also has the ‘Arabic proofing tools package’ pre-installed, which includes a thesaurus and dictionary.
  • The procedure for installing Arabic support for home PC’s is also very simple. Students need to be made aware of sites that give detailed step by step instructions for Arabicizing There is no extra cost involved. (for example: or

**If you can’t be bothered with any of this visit The brilliant creator of the website, a student at AUB, lets you type in English and instantly converts the Latin characters into Arabic text that you can then copy and paste where ever you want. The website is very intuitive and has a search feature for searching the web with Arabic words, a text editor (very useful) and even allows you to download yamli for Google chrome so that you can type Arabic using Latin characters anywhere on the web ( Google has also now given it a go ( I prefer yamli. There is also a yamli tutorial on youtube (search for yamli or ‘smart arabic keyboard’).

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